• Breadsticks
  • Spinach feta pizza
  • Garlic parm wings

Pizza Perfectta

About us

The business opened in 1990 as a pizza and hoagie shop. Thirty-three years later, Pizza Perfecta is still located at 258 S. Highland St. in Pittsburgh and holds most of the original management team.

Our mission was to create a unique pizza taste, different from any competitor, in hopes of satisfying a new range of customers... and it sure has worked! We have earned local awards for our delicious pies including recognition as one of ten best pizza shops in Pittsburgh in 2003, 2010 and 2011. Pizza isn't all you can find here. Some of the areas favorite hoagies, fresh wings and appetizers also served at Pizza Perfectta. Our friendly customer service, fresh daily produce and desire for the highest customer satisfaction around make Pizza Perfectta an all-around hit for locals.